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Bath Bombs - Oatmeal + Honey

Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on

Part of the reason we started bringing in bath bombs was originally for the kiddos, because I see how they are a sweet addition to bath time with my own child. When you get the higher quality bath bombs, the aroma from them fills up the room with sweet scents, and snuggling with your kiddo at bedtime is extra delicious because they are all warm and cozy and have the aroma of the bath fizz. I've always been extremely picky with what we use in a bath. This week my kiddo and I tried the Oatmeal Milk + Honey Bath Bomb and it was a winner all around. It's not overpowering so great for young kids, but it has a sweet scent that was warm and comforting - perfect for right before bedtime. 

The added bonus of course, of bringing in bath bombs (originally for kiddos) is that everyone loves bath bombs, so they make the PERFECT "add to cart" whether it's for you, for a special pampering night in. Or as a gift for someone else who could use some aromatherapy. 

Result from testing: If you're unsure about someone's aroma preferences, this is the bath bomb to get. It's sweet and subtle and would be great for kids or someone looking for a quiet, relaxing bath. 

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