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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on

Mother's Day is our next big gifting moment in our calendar, and we have put together some of our favourite items for Mom. Either [1] build-a-gift and ship it directly to your Mom for Mother's Day (We'll even hand write your message on the card of your choosing) or [2] shop all of our goodies in our shop, ship it to yourself and gift wrap at home (add in a few things for yourself of course!)

GIFT IDEA NO. 1 Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs are something we brought into the shop because we find them to be such a treat on "me-nights". My personal favourites are the Bergamot and Grapefruit by Old Whalling Co. , and the Snooze Bomb by Canadian brand, Bathorium. "  

GIFT IDEA No. 2 Pampering Items
Our face masks are such a treat and and welcomed treat in any gift box. Check out our pampering section for our full lineup of different face masks. Some of our favourite boxes that we've packed up have had a little assortment of styles, such a treat for the recipient! Add one of our silk eye masks into the box for added luxury storytelling in a gift box!

GIFT IDEA NO. 3 - Keepsake Pin and Keychains
We designed our pins as special keepsake gifts. Beautiful little keepsakes that are both sentimental and affordable.

A pampering box isn't complete without some candy...Just.For.Mom. If you do our build-a-gift, step by step guided box build, you'll come to our FULL candy section in step 3 of the box, so you can pick Mom's favourites. Skipping the Build-A-Gift and just shopping the shop for yourself? Find candy in this sweet section and here too! 


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