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NEW! Retro Style Sticker Book!

Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on

You are NOT going to want to skip over this new product announcement. 

I'm SO excited to show you what has been in the works for the last six months. STICKER BOOKS! This is our hard cover, deluxe sticker book with the old school peel back pages inside, gold foil detailing on the front and our retro inspired pattern on the front that I'm obsessed with. ⁣

The background is that I searched and searched for a sticker book on the market to buy for myself (because obviously I still want a sticker book) but I couldn't find anything on the market. So I did what I tend to do often, if I can't find it - I make it! ⁣
This book isn't your run of the mill sticker book. We searched high and low for the perfect manufacturer, figuring out what size to do, and how many pages. The book HAD to have peel back pages, because I felt like that was what was so fun as a kid, to protect my collection. ⁣
This is a book as much for adults, as it is for kids, and I am so excited that we can bring this to the shop and, retailers too! (In fact a whole bunch are shipping out to retailers today!)⁣
See our stories about some of the beauty of this book, and for any order going out this week with sticker books, we're adding some awesome stickers to your order to kick off your sticker collection.*⁣

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