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Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on

We're in full reno mode in the new studio and things are moving quickly. The contractor has been taking out old fixtures, drywalling and is moving on to painting. (Like that red wall HAS to go) After the painting comes new flooring and then we move everything over. 

Here are some fun behind the scenes of the studio remodel. 

So... paint! We have painted our whole house in Benjamin Moore so it was a no brainer to go with this line for the new studio. It's consistently amazing. Our home is Cloud White, but if you've ever painted a home you'll know that the way the sun hits a room, changes the way paint appears. Cloud White although perfect in our home, had too much buttery yellow undertones for this space. I want to pick the perfect white that would let products stand out, serve as a backdrop for all things colour to come later. 

I've decided upon Chantilly Lace - the perfect white. 

Although we're going all white everywhere I am toying with the idea of some pink accents. Because - Pink. It's awesome. 


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