The story of of Charlie Pickles + Santa's Elves

This holiday season, Charlie Pickles invites you to share in a little secret about Santa and his elves.

When Santa needs help finding some extra special items to help fill stocking, he sends his elves into Charlie Pickles to find the best sweets and treats that bring smiles to little boys and girls.

While children are tucked in their beds and fast asleep dreaming of holiday magic, Santa’s elves sneak into Charlie Pickles to stock up on goodies to help Santa deliver joy to all children around the world.

And so, some mornings when we open the shop, and turn on the lights - we know when the elves have visited because we find our Pop Rocks eaten and little dusty white footprints everywhere. (Elves love sugar.)

So this holiday season, when most people are snug in their beds, take a peek in our shop window. If you're lucky you MAY see some of Santa's Elves poking about while enjoying the sound of pop rocks crackling on their tongues.