Ways to Attach a Patch

Customizing with patches

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Self-Adhesive Patches

This is the way that we attach the majority of our patches in store because it allows an instant customization of a nylon pouch or accessory. Even though we have sourced the best self adhesive patches on the market, stickers are, well - stickers. And if someone really wants to take a patch off, they could.  

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Heat Press / Iron On

You can use an iron, or heat press for patches noted as iron on. Since materials vary, we cannot guarantee what fabrics an iron on will stick to, but we're sure you can find a super quick answer with the help of google. Once you've determined your fabric is heat safe and you can iron on a patch, place a small towel under your item, and cover your patch with a teflon sheet, and apply pressure to the patch holding the iron / heat press for 20 seconds on high. Let the patch cool to the touch to make sure it has adhered. 

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Super Glue

In the event that you have stick on patches and they aren't staying put, or your iron-on patch just isn't sticking anymore - we've tested a TON of glues and recommend the E-6000 Plus Glue to put on your patch, and attach to your pouch or apparel. 


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