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Build-A-Gift FAQ

Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on



We're having a blast sending out all of your Build-A-Gifts to people you love and miss. We wanted to share this FAQ Blog post, in the hopes that it may help answer any lingering questions!


Q: What can go in a box?
A: Anything you want! We've added a new Candy Shop section, and our new Tuck Shop with crazy fun things that compliment Penny Paper Co. goodies like our pins, notebooks and stationery. Anything that you add to your cart, and you ship to someone - goes into your gift box. 


Q: Does a gift box have to be for a birthday?
A: Nope! We're sending boxes from Grandparents to Grandkids to say they miss them, BFF's to one another to say "OMG this Pandemic Sucks!" Parents have been sending gifts on behalf of their kids, to their kids BFF's saying that they miss playdates. Whatever a reason, we will help you spread some love. We put stickers on your gift box based on what the note you leave in the checkout says. If you tell your friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we'll put on a happy birthday sticker. If it's not clear what the gift is for we opt for the equally beautiful SURPRISE! Sticker...



Q: I want to send individual boxes all to one address. (Multiple kids, multiple  boxes)
A: We understand that in some cases our customers want to send individually packaged boxes to different kids all in one household. Unfortunately there isn't a way for us to break apart a single order, into individual boxes. You will need to create and ship each individual box to children if your intent is that they each get their own box to open. However - we ask you to consider that you just send a HUGE box of goodies addressed to all the kids, as one box, so that part of the fun is dividing the candies themselves. A big box of fun, is equally as exciting as receiving their own box. AND, this saves you shipping costs. Trust us. Kids LOVE seeing a big box of fun.



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